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This RP has been closed! There's a new one: The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!
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This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!
This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!

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Fire Lord Vlace


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PostSubject: Mobilizing.   Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:43 pm

Vlace looks out over the bay to the three transports lined up in the bay. He could feel the power running through his veins as he watched the men load up onto the transports. He looked farther out and saw the six navy vessels, two escorts per transport. He was holding his father's helmet in the crook of his arm and grasping the sword in the other with it sheathed. He was wearing his red bandana as always and had two red dark streaks under each eye. Very unprofessional and uncharacteristic for a fire army general, but he was going to make history. Why not make it memorable?

He looked at the water nations flag and imagined burning, breathed in deeply and set out to the port with Kaero and his two other body guards. He stood on the deck of the ship and laughed. Today... Today was going to be good. He nodded and the Captain called out. They cast off. Vlace stood at the bow of the ship. And breathed in deeply as the transports engines started and they started cutting through the water. He smiled, it would be nice to conquer a nation.
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Kaero Tekiri

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PostSubject: Re: Mobilizing.   Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:58 pm

Kaero walked up onto the ship. It was a magnificent sight, the vast number of soldiers filling every facet of the ship. Battalions and platoons marching in perfect order. That was something the Naoru lacked, structure. The loosely joined mercenary bands were not at all organized. Not like this. For all of its faults. The Fire nation was impressive to say the least. But, these soldiers lacked something, my Outlanders possess an independance that causes each individual to be a threat. Fire nation soldiers are more effective as a group, in their disciplined units, but Naoru soldiers are just as dangerous alone as with their allies.

The massive ship pulled away from the dock with a fair amount of fanfare from the people of the Fire nation. This battle, this war.... It was going to be a massacre. Kaero knew that once the fire nation unleashed their soldiers, once this metal behemoth opened it's maw and released the killers within, no one would be spared. And that only a miracle could save the water nation.
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