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This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!
This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!

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Gin Lei

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PostSubject: ''Changes''   Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:29 pm

The fire lord was no longer the same, he did demilitarize but still had things to do,He knew what he did wrong and he would fix it. A lot of rumors spread about a small rebellion planning to Overthrow him.

He was only going to defend himself not Attack anyone anymore, So what he has done, As he finally re-militarized. He now has had one of his highest Ranked guard's to train alot of men from the other fire nation villages in case any thing happened. He has currently 3,250 men staying in his Royal Palace to defend him and his family.

He has About 500 Elite soilder's trained in the highest of combat to protect his family, along with the 3,000 guards. The men who were sent back with thier family's, would protect thier own, they still has thier weapons and there armor some with thier bending.

The fire lord would sit into his throne chair letting the fire Circle around the throne ingulfing the entire throne. He was ready, he wanted to raise his family and live a normal life, but that could not happen.. tommorow he was leaving for omashu to meet with the avatar and negotiate.

Family If forever.
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Commander Ryota


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PostSubject: Re: ''Changes''   Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:27 am

Royal Palace-

Ryota- The Fire kingdom seamed in a state of chaos as those loyal to the Fire Lord crowded around the royal palace ready to fight the on coming rebels. Ryota was one of those soldiers commanding 100 of the fire lords best benders. Ryota took a sip from his spiced tea the spicy flavor sizzled on his tongue a moment before subsiding. The rebels were being led by his older brother Haro, a silver tongued snake with no heart. The road to power is littered with the dead of those you use, enemies and friends alike. Ryota took the final sip from his tea and placed the empty glass down on the table. A servant girl came by and filled his glass. his men were preparing for the coming battle. The Fire Lords commands the greater number of troops but Haro has the most experienced and battle craved soldiers under his belt. At the moment he is outnumbered but his forces grow everyday. If he is stupid enough to attack tonight then he will lose but give him time and he will have us outnumbered a hundred to one within a month.[/i] Ryota rubbed his temples fiercely, his head ached and pulsated with pain. The Fire Lord could easily wipe out the insurrection by attacking them before they had the strength to oppose him. Ryota hated waiting taking the defense was boring and foolish.

Commander Ryota was about to fall asleep in his chair, his eyes heavy and ready for sleep. Just then the smell of smoke drifted by his nose waking him up. He jolted from his seat flipping the table over spilling his tea on the ground. Commander Ryota made his way to the top wall looking down upon the road revealing smoke rising from the city below. He was about to shout out orders when the sight of rebels forming at the base of the mountain caught his eyes. "Ready the deference's! Archers on the wall, man the towers. Don't let a single Man enter the Royal Palace!" After the sudden chaos of men scrambling to their positions a eerie silence fell upon the men awaiting for their commander to give more orders. After some time passed ryota let down his guard for moment "What is Haro planning?" Ryota said under his breath. "Some one is coming up the hill!" A man said drawing his bow. "Hold your fire! Looks like a messenger." Ryota called out to his men. The man was apprehended at the gate, the message he carried found its way into Ryoat's hand. Curiosity got the better of him as he read the letter as he made his way to the throne room to relay the letter to the Fire Lord.

The Letter-

Dear Fire Lord Lie.

As you are reading this letter Harbor city is being attacked and held ransom by my men. I will make this simple for you, Denounce yourself as the Fire Lord and proclaim me your successor. I will allow you to leave with your family unharmed willing your smart enough to take my deal. I will give you one hour to decide your next coarse of actions and choose wisely the lives of your loyal people depend on it. If any retaliation is taken by your royal guards then my rebels will burn the the residence of Harbor City alive starting with the children, we will continue with the slaughter of your people till none are left. I trust you will make the right choice.

Fire Lord Haro.

Commander ryota clenched the letter tight in his hand as his anger burned inside him. His brother would pay for this treason and all those who follow him. Ryota opened the large doors to the throne room "Urgent message for the Fire lord from the rebels.!" Ryota called out.
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